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Vegetable Spices

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Ajika Korma Chicken Indian Spices
Ajika -- $7.99
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Ajika Subzi Vegetable Spices
Ajika -- $7.99
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Coconut Spices Malabar, Indian Blend
Ajika -- $7.99
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Corn, Pizza and Grilled Meat Garnish Spices Blend - Tangy, Warm, Piquant and Minty
Ajika -- $7.99
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Gobi Aloo Spices, Indian Cauliflower Spices
Ajika -- $7.99
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Harissa Hot African Spices
Ajika -- $7.99
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Panchporan Indian Five Spices, Seasoning (Panch Phoran, Panch puran, Panchphoran)
Ajika -- $7.99
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Potato Hash Spices, Indian Khasta Aloo
Ajika -- $7.99
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Root Vegetable Spices, Indian Herbal Blend
Ajika -- $7.99
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Sabzi Ghormeh Persian Herbs
Ajika -- $7.99
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Spicy Curry Indian Spices
Ajika -- $7.99
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Vegetable Coconut Thoran Spices, Indian Kerala Blend
Ajika -- $7.99
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Vegetable Poriyal Spices, Madras Coconut Indian Blend
Ajika -- $7.99
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Go globe trotting on a dinner trip and cook Vegetable dishes of the world. We have a spice blend from global cultures. We offer a variety of International Vegetable Spices & Seasonings like Malabar Coconut, Thai Curry, Indian Thoran Coconut Spices from Kerala, Middle Eastern Zaatar, Morrocan Seasonings for vegetable and bean tajines, Indian Sabzi Spices To Roast Vegetables, African Harissa to make vegetables hot, and more spice blends. Vegetables are not so popular in most American homes and our spices can easily change that making cooking vegetables exciting and amazing. Here are Vegetable Seasonings so you may infuse the magic of spices and a little creativity to turn your ordinary Vegetable into international wonder dishes. Make Vegetable at home tasty and enjoyable and nutritious. Who says that healthy Vegetable dishes can't be full of flavor, varied daily and easy to spice up? Now make your Vegetable Chinese, African, Indian, Greek, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern & Persian with our spices.

Shop perfect vegetable spices in our online store. Looking to add more vegetables in your diet? Looking for vegetable seasonings that will make vegetable tasty? Ajika has spices and blends from the subtle to the bold, to the spicy to the non-spicy herbal seasonings for your vegetables. These spices will enliven your vegetables with color, aroma and flavor.

Roasting vegetables with Ajika spices brings out a natural sweetness and deepens the flavors. Use a heavy pan on low or medium-low heat so the spices don’t burn. Shake the pan gently while roasting to ensure even roasting—it only takes a few minutes to roast them. Ajika spice blends are from many cultures like Asian, Chinese, Japanese, American, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Arabic and Moroccan. Now you can enjoy vegetables with flavors from around the world. Enjoy potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, peppers, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, greens, and squash and onions.

Ajika makes it simple to make ordinary vegetable dishes into extraordinary ones with its vegetable spices:

Greens are amazing with Ajika Garam Masala, Sabzi Gormeh, Ajika Herbal Spice Blend.
Marrow Vegetables are naturally sweet vegetables liker zuchini squash, pumpkin, cucumber and zucchini and are enhanced with Ajika Panch Phoran, Coconut Thoran, Jaggery and Malabar Coconut.
Root Vegetables like potato, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes or yams are spiced right with Ajika Gobi Aloo, Potato Hash, Mediterranean Seasoning and Coconut Poriyal.
Cruciferous Vegetables– cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli may be flavored with Ajika Gobi Aloo, Ajika Stir Fry, Ajika Garam Masala.
Fresh beans and peas – green peas, green beans, butter beans, broad beans and snow peas do well with Ajika Mediterranean Seasoning, Coconut Thoran, Himalayan Herbal Seasoning and Persian Sabzi Polo.

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