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Rice, Grains & Flour

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Ajika Asian Sticky Short Grain Rice
Aanya -- $6.50
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Ajika Jasmine Thai Perfumed Rice
Ajika -- $6.50
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Ajika Sushi Japanese Rice
Aanya -- $6.50
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Ajika Thai Black Whole Grain Sticky Rice
Aanya -- $6.50
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Ajika Thai Cargo Red Rice
Aanya -- $6.50
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Asian Sticky Long Grain Rice
Aanya -- $6.50
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Corn Starch
Chinese -- $3.99--> $2.99
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Emperors Black Forbidden Chinese Rice
Lee Kum Kee -- $6.50
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Glutinous or Sticky Rice Flour
Chandrika -- $3.99--> $2.99
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Potato Starch or Powder
Asian -- $3.99--> $2.99
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Puffed Chinese Pearl Barley, Jobs Tears, Coix Seeds, Adlay
Asian -- $5.99--> $3.99
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Rice Flour
Thai -- $3.99--> $2.99
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Sweet Brown Rice Short Grain
Aanya -- $6.50
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Tapioca Starch or Powder
Chinese -- $3.99--> $2.99
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Wheat Flour Starch
Chinese -- $3.99--> $2.99
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The Thais consider a meal incomplete when there are exquisite Thai dishes on the table. There are many rice varieties to choose from. Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice) is short to medium grain rice which is pre-soak and steamed in a traditional sticky rice steamer. Black sticky rice (aka purple rice or kao neow dom in Thai) is nutty and flavorful like wild rice. Jasmine rice (kao hohm mali) is the center of a Thai meal. World famous because of its appearance, cooking texture, and aroma, it is fragrant when cooked. Red Cargo Rice is highly nutritious whole grain rice with a nutty flavor and is especially good combined with white jasmine rice. Rice Flour (also known as plain rice flour or paeng khao jaao in Thai) is used for many desserts or sweets in Thailand. Sticky Rice Flour (Glutinous) is creamy white and is usually added to plain rice flour in many popular Thai snacks and desserts. This type of flour is also known as sweet rice powder. Tapioca Flour or starch (paeng man sampalang in Thai) is used for sweets and for batter to coat foods to deep fry. This bright white flour made from cassava root also is used as a thickener.
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