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The Quick n Easy Ayurvedic Cookbook -     1 lb
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The Quick n Easy Ayurvedic Cookbook

International Cookbooks


Quick & Easy Ayurvedic Cookbook
Paperback: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 9.04 x 6.03
Publisher: Charles Tuttle Co.; (February 2000)
ISBN: 1885203748

Book Description
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of Health and healing based n the principle that each human being is unique, and has a distinct individual constitution, genetic inheritance, and predisposition to certain ailments. This is the first Ayurvedic Cooking book that allows you to easily implement Ayurvedic principles in your

Cooking and improve your Health without devoting long hours of study to the subject or breaking your budget. Learn how to cure insomnia and indigestion, even out mood swings, and much more, just by making food choices based on your Ayurvedic constitution. The recipes include familiar favorites - such as baked apples, chicken burgers, and potato salad - making it a practical, easy-to-use addition to your kitchen and home. With recipes for baked apples, chicken burgers, and potato salad--family favorites--Smith has created a cookbook on the popular level of a Betty Crocker--one you'll actually use rather than let molder on your shelves.

About the Author
Eileen Keavy Smith is a librarian and Director of the Food and Nutrition Resource Center at the Florida Department of Education. She is also deeply interested in Eastern Philosophysophies and has been practicing meditation for 20 years. She resides in Tallahassee, Florida.

Review by Kavita
Well organized, with lots of simple menu ideas enjoyed by everyone.  Eileen has made understanding Ayurvedic cuisine easy.  The recipes featured in this book are not Indian.  Eileen has taken the principles of Ayurveda and applied them to popular western dishes.  Many people would love to follow Ayurveda but give up because the recipes are all Indian - this book would be helpful for them.  This book is also for those looking to apply ayurveda to foods in general as she has done a good job of presenting this system of health.

Ayurveda is about aligning ourselves to the elements on Earth - Vata or Air/Ether Element, Pitta or Fire Element, Kapha or Earth+Water Element.  The aim is to balance these elements within us.  Once this is done the body can maintain itelf free of disease.  One of the ways to balance the elements within us is through food and lifestyle.

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