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Tamarind Chutney - Indian Sweet, Spicy Ketchup like Sauce -     8 oz
Manufacturer: House OfTanj / IFU12 - 8 oz

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Tamarind Chutney - Indian Sweet, Spicy Ketchup like Sauce

Tamarind Chutney - Indian Sweet, Spicy Ketchup like Sauce


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Tamarind chutney, or Imli ki chatni,as it is called in Hindi, is the ketchup of the east. It is a sweet, sour, hot and tangy chutney. Tamarind is used in India in many forms but the tamarind chutney is popular on most Indian tables or thalis.  It is served with almost any dish from rice to breads.  it is also a popular salad dressing for raitas (yogurt salads) and for kachumber salads (cucumber, tomato, onion and cilantro) which may be topped with Hot-Mixx and tamarind chutney.


Uses for Tamarind Chutney : 1.  Tamarind Chutney is Sweet and sour dipping sauce. 2.  Works well as a condiment on crackers, as a hot relish on hamburgers, as a spicy spread on sandwiches and on the side with Indian food. 3.  May be used as a salad dressing over salads. 4.  Goes well with our snacks like Bhel Mix and Hot Mix that are available in our store. 5.  Tamarind chutney is used to zip to sauces, chutney, curries, and marinades. 6.  Tamarind is wonderful as a dipping sauce for kebobs as well as drizzled over pastries. 7.  Added to cooking instead of lime juice.  Tamarind chutney gices an excellent flavor to stir fry, rice dishes, vegetable dishes and soups. 1.  Mix with yogurt, butter or margarine to use as a dip with snacks and entree. 2.  Serve as accompaniment to Indian meals with rice dishes or Indian breads . 3.  Use in continental and Southeast Asian cooking to create exotic soups, pasta and rice dishes of your own flavor . 4.  Spread on a sandwich or pita bread and fill with your favorites like ham, chicken or veggies . 5.  Use as a dip with snacks and entrees. 6.  Chutneys goes well with Western foods, hot and cold meats, stews and sausages. 7.  Spread chutney on sandwich breads. 8.  These chutneys can be used as a relish with all roasted meats, fish and chicken, spread over cold cuts or hamburgers. 9.  Mix with soft cream cheese as spread on cracker. 10.  May be used as a salad dressing over salads. 11.  Goes well with our snacks like Bhel Mix and Hot Mixx that are available in our store. 12.  A meal in India is a mound of rice or some flat bread, dal, a small serving of vegetables and definitely a dollop of a number of chutneys.

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