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Ajika Organic Sabzi Ghormeh Spices, Seasoning -     1 oz
Manufacturer: Ajika / AJORSB0390 - 1 oz

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Ajika Organic Sabzi Ghormeh Spices, Seasoning

Herbs For The National Stew Dish Of Iran With kidney Beans, Meat chunks

natural, healthy flavor and variety for home cooks

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Ghormeh sabzi is an herbal blend used to make Iranian stew (Khoresh).The herb mixture may be added to fresh spinach, kidney beans, green onions, chives, dried limes, and lamb meat. Traditional Ghormeh sabzi is almost always cooked with lamb and kidney beans, while in some northwestern regions of Iran, variations with black-eyed beans exist. In recent times, some people have replaced the beans with potatoes. It is not part of the original recipe, but potato lends itself well to this dish. The dish is served with polo (Persian rice). Apart from its use in stews, our Sabzi Ghormeh herb blend is also an excellent seasoning for rice dishes and meat, poultry and fish rubs.

You can start enjoying healthy Persian cuisine today from your own pantry!
Our Organic Sabzi Ghormeh herb blend is a healthy alternative to Persian restaurant favorites.
All authentic Persian dishes take only minutes to prepare and enjoy with Ajika Persian spice blends.
Our pure, organic spices are carefully hand-blended in small batches without any salt, msg., or additives.

Our organic spices are pure, all natural spices and seasonings and fair trade spices. Our dedication to sustainable sourcing insures you get ethical clean spices.

Using our in-house kitchen we make all our blends in Minneapolis. We grind the spices that need to be ground, roast the ones that need to be roasted and keep some spices whole that are traditionally whole in ethnic blends. Did you know that cultures did not grind all their spices and most cultures will use both whole and ground spices in their blends?

This ensures that you get the best flavor, color, aroma, and taste.

We're committed to providing pure organic seasonings that taste great and promote a healthy planet. We're proud to offer the largest selection of organic ethnic spices and spice blends available.


M A Y    W E    S U G G E S T ?
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