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Ajika Organic Mustard Seed, Brown -     3 oz
Manufacturer: Ajika / AJOR0075 - 3 oz

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Ajika Organic Mustard Seed, Brown

Mustard Is Sharp, Fiery In Taste

Use in pickles, meats, curries, vegetables, beans, lentils; counter-irritant

Pure culinary spice, USDA certified organic ingredient

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Mustard seeds are tiny round brownish-black or purplish-brown seed obtained from annual Indian mustard plan and used in Indian and African cooking. In Bengal mustard seeds are fried in mustard oil for a wonderful taste. When mustard seeds are added to hot ghee or oil, they pop, sputter and turn gray, developing a nutty taste in process. Brown mustard seed has a hot, nutty flavor, important in vegetarian dishes. It is easy to sprout and grow mustard seeds into an attractive purplish sprout and use it salads and sandwiches giving it a sharp taste.
How to use. 
- The mustard seed is almost always exposed to heat to release its wonderful aroma and flavor. 
- It is also used as a garnishing spice when it is dry roasted or sauteed in oil with whole red chillies and fresh coconut sprinkled on steamed vegetables or on dals/lentils.
- Mustard seeds enhance salad dressings
- Used in pickles
- Use in foods needing flavor highlights
- Mustard seeds complement cabbage and green beans and coconut

Our organic spices are pure, all natural spices and seasonings and fair trade spices. Our dedication to sustainable sourcing insures you get ethical clean spices.

Using our in-house kitchen we make all our blends in Minneapolis. We grind the spices that need to be ground, roast the ones that need to be roasted and keep some spices whole that are traditionally whole in ethnic blends. Did you know that cultures did not grind all their spices and most cultures will use both whole and ground spices in their blends?

This ensures that you get the best flavor, color, aroma, and taste.

We're committed to providing pure organic seasonings that taste great and promote a healthy planet. We're proud to offer the largest selection of organic ethnic spices and spice blends available.


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