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Hot Lime Indian Pickle Relish -    10 oz
Manufacturer: Deep / IFDP41 - 10 oz

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Hot Lime Indian Pickle Relish

Enjoy Savory, Tangy, Hot And Spicy Pickle Relish, Indian Kimchee

Versatile and delicious. Add delicious zip to hamburgers, eggs. Served with cooked meals and dishes like meats and poultry.

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An Indian special pickle/condiment of limes that adds with a hot and spicy taste to meals especially rice. Made in the North Indian tradition. A pickle is a must in any Indian menu. The Indian Thali or platter has a large selection of dals, vegetables, yogurt, rice, flat bread, chutneys, salad and a variety of pickles. In India, almost anything can be turned into a pickle, including mangoes, limes, onions, and chilies. This pickle is preserved in oil and a plethora of spices. Pickles are made in Indian homes during the summer months and allowed to mature in the intense sun. While many pickles are ready in 3 weeks, they are said to improve with age-some homemade varieties are aged up to 60 years! The Indian art of making pickle has been perfected over thousands of years. Even the most bland meal comes alive with Indian pickles. Indian pickles are used as relishes or condiments with Indian meals. They tantalize the taste buds. Serve with menus that include rice or flat breads. They are used in very miniscule quantities (about 1/2 or 1 teaspoon).

Indian pickles may be stored over long periods. Some pickles are like wine and are stored over a number of years increasing, it is said, their medicinal value. Pickles are best stored in glass, porcelain or china jars. The lid should be secured tightly. In order to store it indefinitely. Pickles should be stored in a cool, dark place. Always use a fresh fork to serve out of the jar. Wooden forks are best but silver and stainless steel are also good. Never use wet spoons, ladles etc to remove or handle pickle. Moistures paves way for rotting in pickles. Another hint is to always remember to make sure that the pickle is fully submerged under the oil layer. The oil acts like a preservative. For convenience pickles may also be refrigerated and preserved cold.


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