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Bindi Trial Size Kapha Dosha, Massage Oil -     1 oz
Manufacturer: .Bindi / BI210 - 1 oz

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Bindi Trial Size Kapha Dosha, Massage Oil

Bindi Trial Size Kapha Dosha Formula Balancing Oil or Massage Oil

Bindi is based in Ayurveda, for natural glowing skin andnatural beauty with ingredients that are safe enough to eat.

Restore moisture and suppleness to your skin with this ancient oil.

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Pure oils, Ayurvedic herbs, plant and flower extracts stimulate lackluster temperaments without irritation. Aids in warming body temperatures and powerful therapeutic aromas help to energize underactive personalities.

Every Day Body Massage
Apply oil after a bath when the body is wet before toweling.  It encourages you to moisturizes the skin daily with natural oils.   It also eliminates the need of lotions which in many cases are made with mineral oil or other ingredient besides pure oils.  This oil is  cured so it is absorbed very easily by the body and does not leave a sticky oily residue.  Use sparingly as it easily spreads over the skin.
Massage the face and ears, massaging gently. Gentle massage of the temples and backs of the ears is especially good for decreasing stress.
Apply a little oil to your hands and massage the neck, front and back, then the shoulders. Use the flat of the palm and the fingers
Vigorously massage your arms, using a circular motion at the shoulders and elbows and long, back-and-forth motions on the long parts.
It is important not to be too vigorous when you get to the trunk. Using large. Gentle circular motions massage the chest, stomach, and lower abdomen. (Avurveda traditionally advises moving in a clockwise direction.) A straight up-and down motion is used over the breastbone.
Apply a bit of oil to your hands and reach around without straining to massage. The back and spine-use up and down motions, or whatever you can do.
Vigorously massage the legs as you did the arms-circular at the ankles and knees, straight back-and-forth on the long parts.
With the remaining bit of oil, vigorously massage the feet. Continue to use the flat of the hand except around the toes, which you can handle with your fingers.
Then towel up.  You will find you feel as if you have a daily spa and it helps keep you rejuvenated for the day.  Your body, skin and psyche knows that it is being cared for daily.

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