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Bindi Brahmi Hair Oil, Tradtional Ayurvediction for Hair Care -     8 oz
Manufacturer: .Bindi / BI402 - 8 oz

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Bindi Brahmi Hair Oil, Tradtional Ayurvediction for Hair Care

Bindi Brahmi Hair Oil - Tradtional Ayurvedic Formulation for Hair Care

Bindi is based in Ayurveda, for natural glowing skin andnatural beauty with ingredients that are safe enough to eat.


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A specially formulated Ayurvedic Herbal Tonic to help nourish hair roots and prevent skin diseases. It has a very cooling and calming effect on the brain. It also helps arrest loss of hair and dandruff leaving your hair soft, healthy and clean. Ingredients


Massage a small amount into your hair and scalp two or three times a week. For dry hair with split ends, take some warm oil and rub it into the ends of the hair and leave on overnight. Wash in the morning with a low pH balanced shampoo.
Ancient Traditional Indian Head Massage
Warm some of the oil in the palm of your hands and gently rub it into the crown of your head. Using your palms and fingertips rub some more oil into your hair, going from the sides and back of your head up to the crown.
Then use your fingertips and thumbs press on the scalp in a downward and forward manner creating heat through friction by using small, rhythmic movements over one spot. Make sure to work your way over the entire head, again coming up from the sides and back.
Next, place the heels of your hands over your temples and while keeping one hand still vigorously move the other hand up and down on the same spot. Repeat this step using the other hand as well and then do the same at the front and back of your head.
Run your fingertips through your hair at the sides of your head and at the same time close your fingers and gently pull. Then, move your hands from side to side.
Now gently rub the areas in front and above of your ears, using a circular motion.
Putting your hands on your temples with your fingers pointing upwards then repeatedly squeeze for five seconds and release. Repeat this while squeezing the area above your ears.
The muscles on either side of your neck at the bottom of your skull are massaged next, by quickly rubbing them up and down with your fingertips. Then, till your head back and rest it on your thumbs, for fifteen seconds.
Finally, squeeze and relax your neck muscles, gently pulling them in a circular motion and go down and across to the tips of your shoulders. Use the right hand for the right side of your neck and the left for the left side.
It is important to remember to lightly pass your fingers through your hair to relax you head.

Hair needs daily grooming, care and attention in order to stay healthy and strong. Nourishing care needs to start from the root of the hair shaft, and we need to use a nourishing food like coconut oil.
The best time to massage oil into the scalp is before a bath in the morning, when it gently awakens the nerves; or in the evening, when it helps to remove the stress of the day and promotes a good nights sleep.

Some of the benefits of an oil massage are:
- Improves hair condition, makes it glossy and healthy.
- Increases body heat, improves circulation.
- Improves quality of hair and clears it from disorders like dandruff, thinning, split ends and dry, damaged hair.

When oil is applied to the head, it gets absorbed into the scalp through the roots. This nourishes, strengthens and lubricates hair roots and the scalp, preventing hair loss and premature graying. It improves circulation to the head, relaxing the muscles and the nerve fibers. This refreshes the mind and body, relieves tension and fatigue, and improves the complexion.
Here is a recommendation for various types of hair -
Dry hair: As many as three times a week. It is important to brush the hair before an oil massage, as it stimulates the scalp and improves the condition of the hair.
Greasy hair: Only once a week. Do not massage vigorously - gently rotate and lift the scalp a little. After shampoo, rinsing has to be thorough, and instead of a conditioner, dilute lemon rinse may be used.
Dandruff conditions: People with dandruff can have an oil massage thrice a week. It exfoliates, and rids the scalp of waste.
Blonde and chemically-treated hair: When you use warmed oil you are nourishing your hair. So, chemically-treated hair also definitely benefits. It improves the quality of the hair.

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