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Arabic Spices & Spice Box, A Gourmet Gift -     5 lb
Manufacturer: Ajika / AJSPB020 - 5 lb

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Arabic Spices & Spice Box, A Gourmet Gift

The Spice Box is our Best Selling Gift!

The Perfect Special Gift For The Chef In Your Life

Give an exciting selection of spices, herbs and seasonings.

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This is a neat way to organize your Arabic spices. A stainless steel spice container will keep your spices accessible, fresh and handy at all times. The container contains 7 small bowls for your different spices, and also includes a stainless steel spoon that fit easily inside the container. It has a unique extra lid that covers up the spices in a tight lock so the spices remain fresh.

1. KarKem (turmeric) is used a lot in Arabic cooking appearing in most meat dishes, rice, vegetables, sauces and of course in kababs.
2. Indian Garam Masala Arabic cooking uses these spices having traded with India over the centuries.
3. Kamoon (cumin) powder is used in most Arabic cooking. 4. Karawyaa (caraway seeds) also used widely in Arabic cooking.
5. Sumac is used in many sauces and meats and is sprinkled on appetizers, pizzas, yogurt, kebabs.
6. Mediterranean Seasoning - an herb blend that is similar to herbs used in Arabic Cooking
7. Zaatar Herb and Spice Blend - added to oil and rubbed on flat breads and as a dip, as a spread, and is used as a condiment.

Integral to cooking year round, spices are supremely important to have in your pantry. It's impossible to imagine many dishes without their distinctive spices and seasonings. Whether you would like your dish flavored bold or subtle, spices add a taste dimension to meals that is simply irresistible.

Spices enhance the natural properties of foods and are an important part of the complex and magical flavors of ethnic cuisines. Spices are high in flavor yet low in fat, calories and sodium offer the opportunity to explore new tastes.


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