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Shirini (Persian Sweets)

Shirini (Persian Sweets)

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Baklava - Persian Baglava
Anjali -- $11.99
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Crispy Walnut Cookie - Bajigerdoo -
Anjali -- $9.99
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Persian Ghom Sohan or Sohane
Fard -- $15.99
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Persian Saltanati Sohan or Sohane
Fard -- $15.99
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Pistachio Nugget - Gaz Rose Flavored
Anjali -- $9.99
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Persian Sweets

Our Persian desserts and cookies section is heaven for the lover of all things sweet and decadent! Persian sweets are graceful and elegant and ideal for entertaining and all delicious. We are excited to have them in our sweet gourmet and specialty collection..

Persian cuisine is luxurious and royal and this is evident in handmade Gaz Nougat. White Gaz is generously filled with premium green pistachio and flavored with a high grade imported rosewater. Gaz Nougat is individually wrapped.
Pashmak (Persian fairy floss or little wool) is also hand made, silkier than Cotton Candy, and has a mild, elegant nutty sweetness. It's incredibly delicious and melts in your mouth, but like all middle eastern desserts, a little messy to eat.
Sohan Ghom (saffron brittle) is made with real saffron the traditional way in USA by skilled craftsman by Fard. The entire process is painstakingly long resulting in a fantastic Persian Brittle covered with Pistachio.
Our other Persian Sweets (Shirini) include Baklava or Ghotab, Nan Badomie (Almond Cookie), Nan Gerrdoie (Walnut Cookie) and Bereshtook (Persian Halva) topped with Pistachio. These Persian sweets are popular with dark Persian Tea.
Another tea favorite on our online store is Cardamom Abnabat is a Persian hard candy that is kept in the mouth as hot dark tea is sipped.
We also offer Chickpea Noghl (sugar coated chickpeas), slivered Almond Noghl (sugar coated chickpeas), Whole Almond Noghl (sugar coated chickpeas) all make great healthy snacks for picnics, outings and relaxed events.
We proudly introduce peanut brittle made with natural sugars

We regret we cannot offer Nan Nokhochie (Chickpea Flour Cookie) and Rice Cookies ( Nan Brengie) as they are too delicate and crumble in shipment.

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