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Middle East, Arabia and North Africa: Purchase Pantry and Cooking Ingredients In Our Online Store

Middle Eastern cuisine includes the cooking traditions of the Levant, Egypt, the Arabian peninsula, the Maghreb, Iran and Israel. Ingredients common to most of these cuisines are honey, herbs, parsley, mint, sesame seeds, eggplant, tomatoes, rice, bulgur wheat, couscous, chicken, pigeon, lentils, chickpeas, dried fruit, figs and dates. Pork is avoided and beef is rare. Here is a list of foods commonly eaten in the Middle East and North Africa. Use it to stock your own home with the essentials of the Middle Eastern kitchen.

Bulgur (Birghil): or Cracked Wheat. It is made from wheat that has been cracked. It is available in three sizes: large, medium, and small (fine). The small variety is used in this book as the ingredient for recipes such as Tabuli and Kibba. Bulgur is available in our online store

Cardamom (Hale): Due to the Arabic trade with India this spice is a common ingredient in recipes from the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Couscous: Couscous is a Moroccan staple. It is eaten with many meals, and almost every day. It is made from durum-wheat semolina with salt and water.

Rice is a staple ingredient in many middle Easten Cuiinses

Wheat: it is made of ground-up wheat pearls.  

Curry (Karry): many Middle Easten cuiisnes have developes their own blends of spices that are mainly Indian but to local tastes.

Fava Beans (Bajilla): This bean variety can be found in health-food and Middle Eastern stores in a dehydrated or canned form. Fresh Fava Beans can sometimes be found in supermarkets during the summer season.

Garbanzo Beans (Himmus): These beans are also known as Ceci beans and Chickpeas and is a must for a Middle Easten pantry.

Middle Eastern Spice (Boharat): This popular spice is made from blending and grinding several spices in exact proportions. It gives the Middle Eastern food its distinctive taste and aroma. It is a mixture of seven spices, including allspice, nutmeg, cardamom and others. 

Mint (Naanaa): This aromatic plant enhances many recipes from this region

Oman Lemon (Noomy Basrah): A variety of the lime family, this plant is unique to the Middle East region. It looks like a small brown dehydrated lime and has a strong tangy aroma. It can be found in Middle Eastern stores under a variety of names, such as Basrah Lemon or Oman Lemon. Sometimes you may find it in plastic bags without a label.  

Pita Bread: This variety of bread has become very popular. Middle Eastern people eat it with meals as well as use it for sandwiches.

Rose Water (My Warid): This is an aromatic water containing the extract of roses.

Saffron (Zaafaran): Saffron is the deep-orange, aromatic, dried stigmas of a purple-flowered crocus. It is used to colour and flavour foods such as rice. Saffron is very expensive and is therefore sold in small quantities.

Tahini (Rashi): This tan-coloured substance, made from sesame seeds, is thick in consistency. The seeds are first toasted and then ground with peanut oil. Because no emulsifiers are used, the Tahina will separate with time. This is normal; just stir before using. Its most popular use is in the Hummus Be-Tahina dish.

Tamarind (Tamir Hind): This tangy tropical fruit is available in fruit packs or paste. The paste is easier to use because most of the fruit skins have been removed, and it therefore dissolves easily in water.

Balsamic Vinegar is an aged vinegar produced in Italy. It has a sweet and fruity taste with a balance of acidity and fine aroma. It adds wonderful flavor to salad dressings.

Bulgur (burghul or bulghur) is made from whole wheat that has been parboiled, then dried and broken into four grain sizes. #1 is the smallest grain size and is used for preparing Kibbie. #2 is for Tabouli Salad. #3 and #4 are for pilafs. Bulgur gives a wonderful nutty flavor to dishes and is a welcome change of pace when served in place of rice. When purchasing bulgur be sure that you choose the appropriate grain size for your recipe.

Couscous is often thought of as a grain. However, it is a pasta that is made from moistened semolina. The word Couscous also is used to describe Moroccan stews.

Mahlab (Mahlapi in Greek) is the dried seed of the wild black cherry. It is used in sweets and in breads.

Mistika (Mastika in Greek, Gum Mastic in English) gives a unique and interesting flavor to breads and desserts. It must be ground before using. To do this, place the mistika and a teaspoon of sugar in a mortar and pestle and crush it to a powder.

Olive Oil. Extra Virgin gives the best flavor to uncooked foods and salads because of its full flavor.

Ghee -  Ghee is also used in Middle Eastern cooking

Orange Flower Water (Mazaher) adds a special flavor and fragrance to Middle Eastern desserts and drinks.

Orzo (Rosamarina) is a rice-shaped pasta that is used as a side dish and in pasta salads. Bown in ghee and combine with cooked rice.

Pomegranate Syrup (Dibs Rumman) is a very sweet-tart, dark syrup used to add tang to Fattoush and other salads, stews and chicken dishes.

Rose Water (Maward), is used to flavor desserts and drinks. Rose Water gives a definite rose flavor and aroma to rice and other dishes.

Semolina (Smeed) is the ground endosperm of hard wheat. It is used in desserts.

Sumac has a tart flavor and is used in sauces and sprinkled on salads, chicken and meats.

Turkish Coffee

Whole Wheat or Wheat Berries (Ammah). he Shelled Wheat cooks much faster and is prepared with raisins, nuts, sugar and spices. It is served as a dessert, a breakfast cereal and served at to celebrations.

English Name Arabic Name for Middle Eastern Spices
Aniseed Habbat Hilwa
Fava Beans Bajilla
Black Caraway Habbat Soda
Middle Eastern Spice Boharat
Bulgur Birghil
Cinnamon Darseen
Cardamom Hale
Cayenne Filfil Ahmar
Paprika Filfil HilooCinnamon Darseen
Aniseed Habbat Hilwa
Coriander KizbarahBlack Caraway Habbat SodaCumin KammoonCardamom HaleCurry Karry
Garbanzo Beans Himmus
Fava Bean Bajilla
Nutmeg Jose Boa
Garbanzo Beans Himmus
Cumin Kammoon
Middle Eastern Spice Boharat
Curry Karry
Mint Naanaa
Coriander Kizbarah
Nutmeg Jose Boa
Turmeric Kurkum
Oman Lemon Noomy Basrah
Parsley Maadanose
Paprika Filfil
Water My Warid
Saffron Zaafaran
Tahini Rashi
Sumac Simmak Sumac Simmak
Tamarind Tamir Hind
Saffron Zaafaran
Thyme Zaatar


We offer Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Armenian food. We bring the fresh flavors of the Mediterranean to your door. Purchace and enjoy a wide selection of the wonderful foods from this region.

The Middle East consists of: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Food plays an important role in Middle Eastern culture. Each region has its own unique characteristics. Food is culture in the Middle East. Large family dinners include friends and their are daily clebrations with a spread of over twenty dishes in the home of elders in the community.

Cooking Middle Eastern Food is versatile and most recipes are made with ease although you need the right ingredients for authentic tastes. Our online store sells herbs, spices, dry fruits and nuts, grains and other types of food. As many types of Middle Eastern cuisine become household names, experienced and amateur cooks alike also begin to experiment with making their own. From hummus to kaftas, Middle Eastern foods are showing up in nearly every kitchen.
You will enjoy the special tastes of Middle Eastern foods when you combine ingredients like olive oil, garlic, eastern spices and fresh vegetables and meats. Also, Middle Eastern foods are rich in nutritional properties that contribute to health and well-being.

Available In Our Online Grocery Store:
•Tahini can be made with sesame seeds pulverized.
•Bulgur Wheat: This cracked wheat is the base of tabbouleh. Look for it with bulk dried goods or in aisles with rice and other grains.
•Chick Peas: Chick peas or garbanzo beans can be found both canned and dried in the Mexican food section of your grocery store.
•Fava beans.
•Cous Cous
•Rice: long grained rice's that work well in Persian cuisine.
•Adas or Lentils

Middle Eastern Spices Available In Our Online Grocery Store:
•Caraway seeds
•Cardamom pods
•Saffron – saffron can be expensive in at your local grocery, buy it from a specialty store whenever possible to keep expenses down.
•Dried Limes: Dried limes can be packaged by the jar or bag and will be available near the spices.
•Syrups: Look for rose, orange, almond and other exotic syrup flavors here. You can also find readymade rose and orange blossom water if you don't wish to make your own.

Start Cooking
Armed with the above Middle Eastern ingredients that are important to the cuisine from our store alon withfresh ingredients from your farmers market you can joyfully create meals from this region and experience true Middle Eastern cuisine right at home.

The only way of experiencing high quality and tasty Middle Eastern food is by preparing it at home and not in a restaurant. Home cooked meals are fresh and seasonal and one can use local fresh ingredients.

Sample many different kinds of pickles, salads, dips, breads, soups, tagines, kaftas, meats, rice dishes and much more. The Middle Eastern kitchen is a rich world of colors, tastes.

Middle Eastern Grocery Shopping List
Allspice Bihaar Hilou
Caraway Caraawya
Cardamom Hale
Chic Peas Hoummos
Cinnamon Kirfah
Citric Acid Mileh Laimoon
Clarified Butter Zibdy Saafi
Coriander Kouzbara
Dates Tammer
Eggplant Batinjaan
Fennel Showmar
Freekah Freekah
Garlic Thoum
Ground black cherry seed Mahlab
Jew's Mallow Meloukhiya
Lupine Tourmoss
Mastic Mistaka
Mint Na¹na¹
Nutmeg Jauz il Teeb
Orange Blossom Water - Flavor Mazaher
Parsley Bakdounis
Pepper Filfel
Pine Nuts Snowbar
Sesame Seed Paste Tahina
Stock Pot Herbs/Bouquet Garni A'shaab Tabeekh Al-Louhoum
Stock Pot Vegetables Khoudret Tabeekh Al-Louhoum
Sumach Sumac
Thyme Za'tar
Turmeric Alkurkum 
Whole Lentils Adas Hab
Yogurt Spices Laban Seasonings
Zucchini Koussa
Baklava - Persian Baglava 

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