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About Indian Foods Company

Since 1988, when Kavita Mehta first started our Indian food distribution business in Minnesota, we had no way of knowing how our company would evolve. Kavita, had a passion for clean, green, fine, gourmet, all natural, healthy, organic, international foods and sharing this with America. Kavita, who came to the United States in 1985, wanted to turn this passion into a service business that she could truly enjoy.

Since then her business has grown and prospered although in ways she could not have imagined.

She started to serve local markets with an international pantry with existing products, while raising two wonderful daughters. Finally, Kavita came to the realization that there were just not enough quality products available to do a great job in creating this “international pantry” and she herself did not want to use the products she was selling. Kavita decided to create these products herself, products that she unknowingly was creating weekly for her own kitchen and family. She decided to use the growing phenomenon of the internet to market these products. She coined the name “
AJIKA” in Marathi ‘Aji’ is ‘woman with wisdom or grandmother’ and ‘Ka’ in Hindi is ‘from’. She began the journey to map out products in her pantry which she discovered were in their purest full form and good for you foods.

Ajika, Kavita combines the best of ancient and modern thinking and good living to create a line of products which are healthy, convenient and delicious. Kavita harnesses the science of Ayurveda from India to formulate her Ajika products. While she was working on Ajika she also wanted to understand the new internet technology that was being introduced as a tool for business.

So, in the late 90’s, Kavita’s first internet venture –
www.indianfoodsco.com was launched – to a great reception. “The website was launched at 10:08 pm at night, and we were going to open a bottle of champagne when we opened the store – but we were so tired that we said we’d open it when we got the first order” Kavita says. “At 10:09 pm, the first order came in, but we still were too tired to open the bottle!” The Indian foods Company website has been going strong since that night in 1998.

When Kavita first started the Indian Foods Company website, she operated from the basement of her house and after a few moves now is a 2500 sq ft area in Osseo, MN. Kavita kept making the warehouse less and less like a warehouse, to the point where she started offering cooking classes in her space - to both educate and energize customers in the art of cooking well. Most classes are focused on seasonal cuisine, using local produce, meats and dairy, various ethnic cuisines and are simple technique-oriented courses; where she would show how simple cooking would transform ingredients into amazing meals in just under 30 minutes.

Today, more than two decades and after first opening its virtual doors,
The Indian foods Company is the culinary temple it set out to be. Today, she continues to service customers within an intimate retail space in the Twin Cities and online. It is widely recognized as the premier online destination for shoppers in search of quality ethnic and pantry foods. Word has quickly spread about the quirky little shop packed to the rafters with everything for cooking good food. Guided by Kavita's culinary passion and expertise, The Indian foods Company's expansive selection of hard-to-find ingredients has been greeted eagerly by food enthusiasts.

She has put in her passion to work with sincerety, love, hard work and dedication. She has created and added many gluten-free foods, organic foods, sugar-free foods, vegan foods. Her store always had "all-natural" foods.

Kavita is always adding more products so her customers may have a richer and varied dining experience in their home kitchens.

We are proud of our unique specialty foods and unsurpassed customer service. We are also pleased that you are discovering our foods and gifts for the first time or that you are considering purchasing them again. So, please feel free to browse our
site and discover some of the finest gourmet and specialty foods available anywhere!

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