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Persian Gourmet Meals

Shop Persian Gourmet Meals | Persian, Iranian Foods & Grocery Store | Foods Of Iran | Gourmet Persian Cooking Ingredients & Gifts | An Online Shopping Store Website

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Ajika Adas Polo Persian Lentil & Basmati Rice Pilaf With Seasonings
Marukan -- $8.99
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Ajika Aromatic Rice Pilaf Mix With Pure Saffron
Sapat -- $7.50
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Ajika Kabuli Pulao Basmati Rice Pilaf With Seasonings, From Afghanistan
Ajika -- $8.99
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Ajika Persian Zereshk (Barberry) Polo With Pure Saffron, Pistachios, Cardamom And Seasonings
.BB Sweet -- $10.99
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Ajika Sabzi Polo Persian Herbal Basmati Rice Pilaf With Seasonings
Mirch Masala -- $8.99
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Ajika Shole (Sholle) Zard With Seasonings, Persian Basmati Rice Dessert
House Gift -- $9.99
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Ajika Zereshk Polo Persian Rice With Pistachio
Ajika -- $12.99--> $9.99
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Indian Pilaf With Spices & Nuts & Recipe, 20 Meals
Ajika -- $18.99--> $18.99
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Indian Pulao, Aromatic Rice Pilaf With Spices & Recipe- 20 Meals
Ajika -- $18.99--> $18.99
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Sabzi Polow Rice Pilaf With Spices & Recipe, 20 Meals
Ajika -- $18.99--> $18.99
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Two Lentil Medley With Spices & Recipe, 20 Meals
Mother's Rec -- $18.99--> $18.99
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Iranian (Persian) Foods Store & Grocery & An Online Marketplace

Persian Gourmet Ready To Cook Gourmet Meals

Shop Ajika Zereshk Polow made with barberries, a tiny, dried cranberry-like fruit with a delicious tangy, sweet zing. Ajika Shirin Polow, which contains almonds, pistachios, orange peel and sugar, Ajika Adass Polo (Brown Lentil Rice), Baghali Polo (Lima Bean Rice), Chelo Sefeed (White Rice), Ajka Aromatic Rice to make Haveeg Polo (Carrot Rice) and  Ajika Sabzi Polo (Vegetable Rice).

Serve with meat and chicken kebabs. We have spice belnds both conventional and organic for kebab-e barg or Shish Kebab, which uses finely sliced lamb, Kebab-e Koobideh, made with ground meat and Joojeh Kebab, made with chicken. Garnished with sumac a tangy garnish we have in our store.

Persians will always have plain yoghurt (mast) and mast-o khiar is a popualr dish. Shop for Ajika Mast-O-Khiar Herbs for flavoring yogurt with shredded cucumbers.

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