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Papad, Appalam, Khakara

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Appalam Madras (Papadams, Papadums, Crispy Lentil Wafers)
Bansi -- $4.99--> $4.25
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Cumin (Jeera) Papad, Poppadom, Papadams
Lijjat -- $4.99--> $3.99
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Cumin Flavored Khakra Indian Cracker
Snack -- $5.75
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Garlic Papad, Papadams, Poppadom, Papadums
Lijjat -- $4.99--> $3.99
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Green Chillies Papad, Papadams, Papadums, Poppadom
Lijjat -- $4.99--> $3.99
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Lijjat Plain Papad, Poppadom, Papadams
Lijjat -- $4.99--> $3.99
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Lijjat Punjabi Crusty Black Pepper Papad, Poppadom
Lijjat -- $4.99--> $3.99
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Masala Khakra Indian Cracker Flavored With Spices
Snack -- $5.75
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Methi Khakra Indian Cracker Flavored With Fenugreek Herb
Snack -- $5.75
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Plain Khakra Indian Cracker
Snack -- $5.75
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Papadum or Papad, a thin crunchy, delicate lentil cracker, is served with an Indian meal as a a crunchy condiment. It is served as an appetizer or a party snack with alcoholic drinks. In some parts of India like Goa and the western coast, it is served as the final item in a meal.

We were voted the best place to shop Papad online in the Bon Apetite Feb 2011 issue. Papads are round spiced lentil wafers, also called pappadums or appalams. We carry the most popular North Indian papads and the smaller South Indian papadams or appalams in our online store. North Indian papads may be roasted or deep fried but South Indian papads or Madras appalams are best fried.

Papads or Papadams is an example of the genius of Indian cuisine. The Chinese took rice and wheat flour and transformed them into many many ingenious products. India took the lentils and did the same. Papad is a dried lentil chip studded with Indian spices that comes alive when grilled or deep fried. It is used as an accompaniment to an Indian meal, as a snack and as croutons in soups. Serve with meals, cocktails, Excellent with beer during a ball game, Serve as an appetizer. Gluten free and rich in protein and dietary fiber.

Frying Papad and Papadams
1. Heat oil or ghee.
2. Hold the papad with tongs, fry a few seconds until it expands.
3. Stand papadam on its edge in draining basket.

Roasting North Indian papads
The pappadam is held between tongs or chimta as it is known in India and roasted over an open gas flame. Quick and frequent turning is required to prevent burning. As soon as papad has changed color, curled up and become crisp, it is done. This will require some practice with timing the turns and the intensity of the heat as papads burn up so quickly.
2. If you are working with an electrical range - use a wok bottom to hold a grill away from the coils. Place the papad on the grill and turn it as each side gets done. Put the heat to medium high.

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