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Ajika Brand
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Ajika Brand-

An Online Gourmet Food And Cooking Ingredients Store | Ajika Has Over 400 Spices, Spice Blends | Ajika Food Products Are A Cook's Paradise With Pure, Healthy, Natural & Organic Ingredients | Buy Wholesome Pantry Products And Be Amazed | Vegan Vegetarian Lentil & Bean Dishes From World Cultures | Ajika Food Gifts Are Unique & Elegant

Herbs & Spices
Herbs & Spices
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Organic Foods
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International Foods
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Natural, Gourmet Pantry
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Kitchen Tools
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Gourmet Gifts

Cooking & Eating Healthy Is Easy With The Ajika Natural Pantry |Gourmet Natural, Elegant, Sophisticated International Foods |Ajika Brand Has Certified Organic Spices, Specialty Foods, Gourmet Culinary Ingredients For Home Cooking, Vegetarian Health Products, International Dishes And Unique Gifts | Made in the USA.

Stock your pantry with the best and most elegant foods the earth has to offer for a contemporary lifestyle. You will find it is easy to Introduce a variety of heritage tastes and dishes from around the world with Ajika carefully crafted food products. Better ingredients than restaurants and healthier too.

Ajika Shop Philosophy
Many supermarkets including health food stores offer many packaged foods that contain something that was not part of nature’s original package or may have gone through a process that may affect foods natural energy. This may be safe in the short term, although some may have allergic reactions to certain additives. Packaged foods have become a large part of our diet. The majority of packaged foods or processed foods are concocted in tasting laboratories by food chemists and designed for maximum shelf life as well as maximum taste impact so you keep buying more. They are manufactured on complex assembly lines in factory settings. Processed foods have sugar, salt, added flavors, artificial fats & color, chemicals, preservatives, gells, thickeners, emulsifiers etc.

Ajika puts natural nature made foods in its original, natural form or state in bottles and meal packets so it is easy for you to put natural foods back on your plate. Ajika ingredient list is short, pure, natural and easily recognizable. Ajika is made in small batches and with love in Minneapolis, USA.
Enjoy Ajika Meal-Kits from around the world for your dining pleasure. They are healthy, full of flavor and easy to cook and take the mystery out of famous and popular dishes from world cuisines

1. With Ajika cooking solutions good and nutritious foods are simple to choose.
2. With Ajika products you should be able to include satisfying good fats, protein, good carbs, in every meal.
3. Ajika system of pantry products like rice, grains, natural sugars helps you to think like a gourmet cook, think ahead and be organized.

Ajika is redefining how we cook in America. Ajika product choices allow you to create meals that revolves around local, seasonal eating, a love of handmade and authentic food, a quest for exciting new flavors, a desire to engage with your food, to be eco-consciousness and healthy. Ajika is synonymous with quality and its appeal lies in the fact that it is based on time tested and nutritional common sense. Ajika harnesses the deeper essence of ingredients and their effect on the body. Food is to be savored and enjoyed but food is also medicine.

Find, shop, buy and enjoy clean, healthy, gourmet, natural, pure, tasty, international foods in our online Ajika store.

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