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Indian Spices, Blends

Buy Indian Spices | Indian Spices Online Shop | Seasonings, Masala, Curry Blends | Shop Special, Fresh, Hand-blended Indian Spices In Our Online Store | Best Indian Spice Store & Website | Made In Minneapolis, USA

Indian Dal Masala Spices
Indian Dal Masala Spices
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Indian Chai Spices
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Indian Chicken Spices
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Fish, Shrimp Spices
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Garnish Seasonings
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Chicken Tandoori Spices
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Indian Meat Spices
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Potato & Root Veggies
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Indian Rice, Pilaf Spices
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Indian Vegetable Spices
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Indian Raita Seasonings
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Shop All Indian Spices

Buy Indian Dal, Tandoori, Meat, Chicken Curry, Roganjosh, Madras Curry, Butter Tikka, Korma, Vindaloo, Mughlai, Gobi, Bhindi, Raita Spices | Internet Indian Spice Shopping | Indian Recipes In Our Recipe Section | Cook Indian Food In your Home With Our All Natural Handmade House Spice Blends | Enjoy Cooking Indian Cuisine In Your Home

Buy authentic Indian spices for your Indian cooking. Ajika Indian spice blends, seasonings and mixes are blended according to ancient ayurvedic principles. We roast, grind and hand blend all our own spices especially for you.

Shop authentic Indian spices from the Indian Spice Blend Capital of the World

- A complete range of authentic Indian spices & blends
- all natural, hand blended, no msg, no salt spice blends
- pure spices hand blended with love and joy in Minneapolis
- our spice blends are a housemade with ground and whole spices just like in our homes in India

Come with us on a magical journey of flavor to a land of fragrant, aromatic spices and exotic dishes. Single Indian spices are combined to make masalas. Masalas are a balanced blend of spices and herbs.

India has a few regional dishes that have risen to become popular the world over. Many times the combination of spices is the key to the dishes success. It requires a deep understanding of regional cuisines to make the proper spice blend. Shop from our many blended spices for authentic tastes in your Indian dishes. Spice Blends are convenient and easy to use and make Indian cooking approachable and fun and make delicious Indian meals at home. Our spice store has spice blends and seasonings to create Indian chicken, fish, lamb dishes. We also stock special spice blends for dals, bean stews, rice, yogurt and special vegetable blends for okra, cauliflower, potato, root veggies, beans, carrots, spinach dishes. Ajika spice mixes have a symphony of tastes, harmonious blends of subtle spices with aromatic ones and are layered with herbs.

Try these Ajika (hand blended in small quantities to retain freshness) blends from our store. All of our All-Natural Indian Spice Blends have no added sodium, are gluten-free (except for Bhindi Masala and Biryani Spice Blendwhich contain minute amounts of wheat flour), and 100% vegetarian and vegan. Almost all of the Ajika spice blends have no salt or msg added (Raita Mix is an exception and has salt as salt is integral to the blend)

Organic Three Spice Mix (coriander/cumin/cinnamon) , Dal or Lentil Spice Blend - perfect flavor for dal , Biryani Rice Meal Spice Blend - a restaurant spiced rice favorite , Tandoori Spice Blend - for the famous Indian BBQ , Malabar Coconut Spice Blend - for veggies, fish and chicken , Corn, Pizza Garnish Spice Blend - tangy, warm, piquant and minty , Almond, Cardamom, Saffron Sugar - topping for fruits, flavor plain yogurt and lattes , Spicy Curry Blend for Veggies and Fish. , Goan Vindaloo Spice Blend , Panchpuran- Indian Five Spice Blend - magical flavor for tomatoes, squash, zucchini, fish , Garam Masala (WholeSpices) Blend , Curry Powder , Coriander-Cumin Blend , Garam Masala Powder , Spice Box - Traditional Indian , Spice Box with 7 Spices - Traditional Indian Masala Dubba , Roganjosh Meat Spice Blend , Indian Stir Fry Spice Blend , Raita Mix 1 - Yogurt Seasoning Mix , Vegetable (subzi) Spice Blend - flavor veggies and achieve a tastes of heaven , Channa /Garbanzo Beans Spice Blend. , Korma Spice Blend , Raita Mix 2 - Must-O-Khiar - Yogurt Herbal Mix , Regal Pilaf - Rice Spices, Dried Fruit and Nut Blend , Indian Chai (Tea) with Aromatic Tea Spices , Ginger-Garlic Paste , Ginger-Garlic Paste Lrg , Garlic Paste , Ginger Paste , Bisibele Bhat Masala , Rasam Powder , Meat Curry - blend of Indian spices , Chicken Curry Spice Blend for Indian Chicken Curry , Madras Curry - Indian Curry Spice Blend ,

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