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Indian Dal, Beans

Shop Indian Dal | Buy & Cook Lentils | Mung, Masoor, Toor, Chana, Urd, Red, Green, Black, Yellow lentils | Cook Vegan Vegetarian, Tasty, Healthy Meals At Home | Low Fat | Dr. Ornish, Dr. Oz, Jamie Oliver Suggested | Check Out Our Lentils & Bean Spices On Our Website.

Indian Beans, Stews, Chilli
Indian Beans, Stews, Chilli
Indian Dal, Lentil Curry
Indian Dal, Lentil Curry
Vegetarian & Vegan Meals Shopping
Vegetarian & Vegan Meals Shopping

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Indian dal lentils are tasty, easy to cook, healthy, satisfying and served everyday. Use Ajika Dal Masala Spices to deliciously flavor dal. Make dal into a soup, stew or puree or create dals a light meal or accompanying your own Indian meal

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Indian dal is nutritious and flavorful. Dal is one of the principal foods of the Indian subcontinent where the term can be used to mean either an ingredient or the dish made from it.  Dal is tasty, satisfying and easy to make and is an ideal choice for a quick evening meal. More than 30 different types of dal (or dhal) are made across India daily in Indian homes. The basic dish contains lentils or other legumes flavored with aromatics and spices. Dal is best cooked in a
pressure cooker which makes it easier and quicker to dal and also the dals cooked in a pressure cooker turn out tasty and creamy

In Indian cooking lentils and beans make up the dal family. We carry many of these varieties in our online store. Cook up one of the following or mix two and cook together: red lentils (masoor dal), yellow split peas, adzuki beans, red beans, chana dal, or hulled and split mung beans (moong dal).

Dals in India refer dal soups, curries, lentil stews and are served with nearly every meal. Dals are flavored with spices and tomatoes and onions.

Dals and beans are dense in nutrition, an excellent source of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates and low fat.

Beans unlike lentils need to be soaked overnight. When flavored with spices beans are very delicious and also healthy and a boon for a low fat diet. Soaking beans is important to remove indigestible enzymes that cause flatulence.

Cook beans until beans are tender and soft. Cooking times vary with the variety, age and size of beans; generally you're looking at about 1 to 2 hours. Cooking is faster in a pressure cooker.

Cooking lentils and dals is easier than beans. Firstly it does not require soaking and they cook in 30 minutes. Although cooking lentils is faster in a pressure cooker about 10 minutes.

Common Dal & Bean Varieties
Toor dal is the main ingredient for the South Indian recipe called sambar. Tuvar or toor dal is the most common dal used in India for spicy Indian dal or simple lentil dal masala. Toor dal shines in soups where they're cooked until creamy to bring out their full, sweet flavor. Serve them with a dollop of Indian raita yogurt.

Chana dal is rich and is now being used by people with diabeties. It has a sweet rich flavor and pais well with both zucchini and harvest squashes. Boil and puree this lentil and mix with hamburger meat to make the minced meat healthier, tastier and velvety.

Kala chana are small chickpeas with brown skins. In the US and Canada, it is known as Desi chickpea and the variety most used is called 'Myles'. It is very disease resistant. Kabuli dal, known for its black coat, is an average-sized chickpea. It grows naturally with the black coat, and it is said to be nuttier in flavor.

Mung dal is the healthiest dal and is easy on digestion. Moong Dal is one the most cherished foods in Indian Ayurveda. When cooked with spices, is nourishing and tasty. Split yellow and hulled mung beans are nutritious and easier on the digestion than larger beans. Moong dal has a mild flavor and creamy texture make good companions to dill, Ajika Dal Masala spices and ginger, carrots, zucchini and winter squashes and fresh greens.

Urad dal, or "black gram", is the main ingredient of the South Indian dishes: idli and dosai. It is also used in Punjabi Dal Makhani.

Masoor dal is red lentils turn golden when cooked. This is a very tasty dal cooked with tomatoes, fried onions and spiced with Ajika Dal Masala.

Rajma dal - These tasty succulent, large, red beans are popular in chili, salads, soups and baked beans. Make sure to over cook them until completely tender and cooked through. This is a very tasty bean cooked with tomatoes, onions and spiced with Ajika Rajmah Masala.

Garbanzo, Chickpea, Channa Beans This Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and East Indian bean makes hummus, falafel, channa masala, tajines and are used in salads. This bean is rich, hearty and meaty in taste. This is a very tasty bean cooked with tomatoes, onions and spiced with Ajika Channa Masala.

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