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Herbs & Spices
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Herbs & Spices-

International Spice Shopping Online | Shop World Spices | Buy Over 400 Aromatic, Fresh Spices, Herbs | Spice Store Online | Global Spice Blends For Your Spice Pantry | Spices To Cook Foods& Recipes From World Cuisines | Seasonings, Rubs, Spice Mixes For Vegetables, Meats, Lentils, Rice, Dairy, Chicken, Seafood | Add Flavor & Taste To Your Foods

Fresh Herbs
Fresh Herbs
Spices & Herbs
Spices & Herbs
World Spice Blends, Mixes
World Spice Blends, Mixes
Spice Collections
Spice Collections
World Organic Spices
World Organic Spices

Buy Asian Spices | Chinese Spices | Thai Spices | Indian Spices | African Spices | Arabic Spices | Persian Spices | Mexican Spices | Japanese Spices | French Spices | Greek Spices | Morrocan Spices | Middle Eastern Spices | International World Spice Blends

Buy Spices That Are Housemade, Handblended, Salt Free Blends, Msg. Free. Both Conventional & Organic Spices Available In Our Spice Store. Why buy spices at your local grocery store or supermarket when we make fresh spice blends and ship them all over USA. Buy from a world selection of herbs and spices, fresh curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass and dry spices.

Why Buy Spices From Us?

Spices are important for cooking so stock your pantry with the best. Kavita the owner of this store still blends all her spices herself along with Sunita. Both of them are very fussy about their spices. They are trained in the Ayurvedic system of health and wellness and blend their spices according to ancient principles of taste. They add that special ingredient called love in their spices. You can taste the passion in all their blends. Spices are not just for taste they need to balance the main ingredient you are cooking with. So if you are cooking fish her spices will balance the fishiness in the fish by adding equal amounts of tasty pungency to the blend then the next layer is considering how to enhane the taste.
Our spices are fresh and freshly ground. Come visit our store in Minneapolis and you will be amazed at the passion this store exudes.
Products on the shelves of your average grocery chain my have been there for a year or more, and they probably sat in a warehouse up to a year before that. Buy spices from us as we gaurantee the freshness. Also you need to use less of our spices as our spices are much more potent than standard grocery store fare. A little goes a long way in your cooking with our spices.

Health Benefits Of Our Spices.

Spices taste good, and are good for you. They are mainly fat free and full of antioxidants. Spices according to Indian Ayurveda is medicinal. Fry them in pure ghee to protect the medicinal properties in spices. Spices are a wonder and in India herbs and spices are used to heal the body, mind and spirit and to protect us from disease. Spices have many anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-oxidants, spices balance blood sugars, and improve blood circulation. They help improve your health, add aroma to your home and stimulate the digestive process. Spices are good for arthritis, blood pressure, digestion and the prevention of cancer. They are low fat, sugar free and mainly salt free contributing to a healthy disease free lifestyle. Beyond serious diseases, spices help fight and prevent less serious day to day aliments. Spices are part of Ancient civilizations like India and South East Asia that prized naturally occuring plant flavors in leaves, barks, buds, roots and made them into what is now considered herbs and spices. They understood their benefits. Today scientific research is emerging that backs up ancient health benefits of spices. Spices are a healthy way to make food flavorful, tasty, colorful and aromatic!

Gourmet World Spices - Global Spice Blends

At the indianfoodsco.com we offer a huge selection of over 1000 spices, herbs, seasonings and ingredients and spice gifts. But when it comes to getting creative with your cooking you can depend on us with international world spices as varied as curry powder, Italian seasonings, Moroccan spices to Herbs De Provence to Persian Koubideh Spices. Shop from over 150 world blends both in organic and conventional mixes.

Around the World Spice Blend Gourmet Gift Sets

Buy the best spice gifts for you loved ones in our online store. Wonderful flavors, best quality pure spices and herbs from all over the world are mixed by us and then attractively packaged into gift sets you will be proud to give. Each set features authentic afficionado.
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