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Ready-To-Cook Lentil Meals

Gourmet Meals & Dinners | Gourmet Food Store | Natural & Health Food Shopping Online | Buy International Foods | Ajika International, Smart, Elegant, Tasty, Heart Healthy, Easy Cooking at Home, Food Products!

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Ajika Adas Polo Persian Lentil & Basmati Rice Pilaf With Seasonings
Guestspout -- $8.99
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Ajika Dal Masala Lentil Mix With Seasonings
Rubicon -- $8.99
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Ajika Dal Rajasthani Blend With Spices
Ajika -- $8.99
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Ajika Five Jeweled Lentil Meal Dish With Seasonings
Jyoti -- $8.99
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Ajika Moong Dal Lentil Mix With Seasonings
Misc -- $8.99
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Ajika Rice Lentil Kitcharee Instant Meal Mix With Spices & Jaggery
Modenaceti -- $8.99
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Indian Kitchari Mung Lentil Bean & Rice Nourishing Meal Mix
.IFC -- $8.99
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Cooking & Eating Healthy Is Easy With The Ajika Natural Pantry |Gourmet Natural, Elegant, Sophisticated International Foods |Ajika Brand Has Certified Organic Spices, Specialty Foods, Gourmet Culinary Ingredients For Home Cooking, Vegetarian Health Products, International Dishes And Unique Gifts | Made in the USA.

An online store for gourmet, specialty foods. Every culture in the world has glorious soups, stews. Ajika has easy to cook Gourmet Beans & Lentil Meals International dishes. Dry ingredients and cooking instructions are inclued in the package. A few simple fresh ingredients like meats (optional), vegetables, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic are all what's needed to make glorious meals. Make these meat meals, vegetarian or vegan, the choice is yours!

Shop Instant Ready-To-Cook Lentil Meals Online

Looking for tasty and healthy foods.  You will find them in our Lentils or Dal Meals. Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisines discovered that combining the simple lentil with garlic, ginger, chilies, roasted coriander and cumin, tomatoes and vegetables create scrumptious dishes. 
Called the eastern Comfort Food this ancient culinary art is now easy and convenient to cook in ones own kitchen.  Our Lentil meals are fun and satisfy the spirit with its taste and healthful properties.

Lentil meals for a contemporary kitchen - Buy Indian Lentil Meals online
Five Jeweled Lentils with Spices - authentic dal ,
Dal (Lentil) Masala with Spices - for lentil stews or soup ,    
Moong Dal (Lentil) with Spices ,  
Dal (Lentil) Rajasthani blend with spices - flavored with fennel and mustard seeds
Rice/Lentil (Kitcharee) Meal - includes perfect seasonings and sweetened with jaggery ,
Kitchari Blend - Rice and Mung Lentil Stew Blend ,  

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