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Middle Eastern Foods

Middle Eastern Foods & Grocery Online Store | Foods Of Middle East | Gourmet Middle Eastern Cooking Ingredients & Gifts | An Online Shopping Site | Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Algeria, North Africa

Middle Eastern Spices
Middle Eastern Spices
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Rice, Couscous & Grains
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Gourmet Meals
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Food Gifts From Middle East

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Middle Eastern Foods Store & Grocery & An Online Marketplace

The a world of authentic, mouth watering, middle-eastern cuisine is easy with online shopping of gourmet ingredients. Healthy Eating with Middle Eastern foods is easy as Middle Eastern food is light tasting and includes grain, green vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, beans and nuts. Some commonly used ingredients include figs, dates, olive oil, honey, sesame seeds, sumac, chickpeas, mint and parsley. Some popular dishes include ground meat kibbeh and sliced meat shawarma.

We are proud to offer the best Middle Eastern food store online. In our store Middle Eastern food are all very easy to find, and easy to buy online with a click. Our aim is to boost one's confidence in putting together a meal from this region. Middle Eastern cuisine is found in the mid-east and parts of Europe that were ruled by the Ottoman Empire, including Greece, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Rumania. Middle Eastern food is healthy and part of the Mediterranean diet that promotes healthy hearts. Middle Eastern staples are lamb, cous cous, rice and various legumes (especially lentils and chickpeas) okrah, meat kebab, eggplant.

Many dishes use burghul (cracked wheat or smead) is used in tabouleh and minced meat combinations like kibbeh. Couscous pilaf makes a side for meals, Middle East foods include lots of fresh salads and vegetable pickles like hot green peppers and pickled or fried eggplant. Dips include olive oil, tahini (made from sesame seed oil) and Humus (chickpeas and tahineh). Za'atar is a mix that may be sprinkled on dishes such as humus or labani (labaneh). Other flavors include cardamom (hale) for flavoring meats and coffee, baharat a basic spice blend, fava beans (bajilla), garbanzo beans (himmus), mint (naanaa), lemon omani (noomy Basrah, basrah Lemon or oman lemon), rose water (my warid), saffron (zaafaran) and tamarind (tamir Hind) for beverages and to add tang to dishes. Shop these wonderful ingredients in our store and create new meals in your home kitchen

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