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Indian, International Food, Spices & Grocery Store & Shopping Online | Buy Spices |Certified Organic World Spices | Gourmet Food Gifts & Spices Online | Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free Food Products | Shop Chinese, African, Thai, Middle Eastern & Persian Grocery Shopping | Buy Global Ingredients For Home Cooking On Our Website | Recipes

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More Than An Indian Grocery Store |Buy International Foods & Gifts | Ingredient Shopping For Your Global Recipes | Healthy, Natural Food Shop With Many Vegan & Vegetarian Options | International Gourmet Fine & Specialty Foods & Spices Online | Elegant Gifts |We Offer Healthier & Organic, Wholesome Food Products For A Contemporary Lifestyle | Spice Store

Indianfoodsco is an online store for those who love great food and great ingredients. We offer you the ultimate selection of international specialty foods for your home cooking. So, buy local meats, chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese, milk, yogurt from your farmers marketand combine them with our wonderous spices, beans, lentils, condiments, pickles to make gastronomic delights from all over the world. Create the best and most elegant foods in the world with health and wellness and invest in an amazing lifestyle. Discover recipes, ethnic specialties, tips and cooking guides about gourmet food and fine dining in your home!

A World of Gourmet Specialty Foods, Spices, Groceries Delivered to Your Door

Why Choose Online Shopping?

If you are passionate about cooking as we are you have found a treasure cove of wonderful foods from all over the world. website began with Kavita introducing Minnesotans to ethnic foods including many local foods with a global twist. Kavita distributed foods to many of the local gourmet, specialty stores and supermarkets and co-ops. She made a switch a decade ago to provide real, true, fresh, affordable spices, seasonings and food options online to all in USA. Food according to Kavita is medicine. She considers that grocers should have a code more sacred than a doctor to take care of a persons health. She carefully selects her foods and makes all her own spices herself under the Ajika brand. She is most proud of her lentil and bean meal tubs with spices and instructions which along with the pressure cooker will put any pantry high up in the health and taste zone. Most of the products she sells on her website are alkaline. Shopping at her store can keep disease at bay. She would like to help people having high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems through food. Kavita promises a whole new experience of tranquillity in your kitchen and total 'wellness' through her brand AJIKA.

Her Ajika concept is unique, bringing together the wisdom and heritage of the Asian and Indian Philosophy of Wellness and Well-being in shopping for food - providing foods for a balanced and tasty foods. Ajika foods are rooted in ancient Indian healing knowledge called Ayurveda, Ajika derives inspiration and spirit from the holistic concept of living which includes good food. Ajika products offer what Kavita calles the "Yoga Of eating".

Shop at her store for a revolutionary concept in how food, cooking, nutrition, world tastes combined with local foods from farmers markets can all come together in your kitchen. You will not find loads of food chioces rather you will find carefully selected foods for taste and nutrition, intelligently designed products, rejuvenating foods, nourishing choices and affordability; hallmarks of her offerings in the store. Web shop is built on the principle of providing you with contemporary, innovative, high quality products and excellent customer service.

Buy Spices at Online!

Welcome to website, your flavorful one-stop shop to buy spices including organic spices online. Ajika spices are intricate, fresh, ground, hand blended with over 200 spice blends from Asia, Africa, Americas, China, Thailand, Japan, Indian, Arabia, Persia, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Mexico. Buy our barbeque rubs, chicken, seafood, meat, vegetable, dal and bean spices, curry powders, salad dressing mixes, salt-free seasonings, amazing chili powders and garnish spices. Find seasonings for meat kabobs, Morrocan tagines, tandoori, lamb shwarama, chicken tikka, and Persian chicken joujeh, ground meat koubideh and barg chicken, Kerala fish fry, Thai shrimp and Mediterranean seafood dishes. Vegetable seasonings for cauliflower, potato hash, okra, squash, pumpkin, greens and root vegetables. Shop pomegranate molasses, rose flower water, orange flower water and preserved lemons special cooking and flavor ingredients. If you are planning a special meal or stocking your pantry for spices the Website can provide you spot on authentic flavors. Shop for our special spice sets for the chef in your life. Explore our website find what you want and we will ship our spices right to your door. Discover the difference fresh herbs and spices can make in the meals you cook and enjoy at your table. Savor Ajika Infused Sugars with exotic tastes like rose, lavender and cardamom.

Buy 'Exquisite Gourmet Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion' at Online! makes beautiful contemporary gift baskets with ethnic, elegant designs and superb contents. We make gifts to have the wow factor to the recipient of the gift.Try our Indian, Persian, Middle Eastern, Chinese "Dinner for Four Gifts". We also have many spice gift sets, towers, and spice boxes. Our most popular gift is "the Indian Spice Box with Seven Spices"!

Buy 'International Gourmet Food & Groceries From Many Countries Of The World' at Online!

At the you will find delicious food ingredients you cannot find in your local supermarket or gourmet store. We carry food and groceries from many different countries. Shop Asian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, African, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Mexica, Middle Eastern groceries. We carry lentils, beans, chutney, teas, chai, meals, dinners, curry sauces, nuts, rice, grains, pickles and relishes. Discover chutney, achar/pickles and papad from India, torshi from Persia, Shaohsing wine from China, sushi from Japan, lemon omani from Arabia, orange blossom water from Lebanon, kaffir lime leaves from Thailand and much more . Delve into cooking curries, biryanis, polos, sabzis, spring rolls, chappatis . For dessert enjoy Indian Mithai and Fennel Candy, Persian Sweets, sweet chai.

Buy 'Natural, Healthy Foods For Your Family' at Online! has foods, spices, groceries for families looking to turn around their health and eating habits by cooking food at home and taking charge of their health and wellness. Food can help people to recover their health and avoid the doctor. Today we know that the current epidemic of adult cancers, heart disease and other diseases are closely linked to what we eat. Find nutrient-rich foods like brown rice, lentils, beans and spices in our shop and eat right to maintain a healthy mind and body. We carry many, many vegan and vegetarian and alkaline food options in our online store.

CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL RESPONSBILITY is also very imporatant at - we compost, recyle and reuse. Our offerings also help to reduce health care costs and go easy on the environment, encourage a local economy as everything we do has to looked at from an environmental and universal health perspective.
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